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As of late 2016 Bike discontinued making Jockstraps.  However, the news is not all bad as a new brand called GYM is now available.  These are the exact same jocks as Bike just under a new brand name.

The jockstrap was invented in 1874 when Bike Athletic Company began operations as the Bike Web Company.  Their first products were called the athletic supporter. Designed to provide support for the bicycle jockeys riding the cobblestone streets of Boston, the athletic supporter quickly became known as the “Bike® jockey strap.” Eventually the name was shortened to simply the “jock strap” and, Bike Athletic has now sold well over 300 million of them.  Click here to visit the official web site of the Bike Jock Strap.

The classic bike jockstrap is a favorite among many men for its supportive band and comfortable pouch that provides both support and breathing room. 

Here is a classic view of a black bike jock worn with adidas gym shorts and an Under Armour tank.  Also shown to the right is a rear view in the black jock.

Jock in black bike jockstrap

Brand New Bike Performance Jockstraps in 3 colors.

Check out the new line of Bike Performance Jockstraps just released in August 2013.  Bike Performance Jockstraps are vailable at Jockstraps.com.  Available in 3 exciting new colors including Yellow/Gold, Scarlet and Royal blue.  These jocks are imported from Europe and are not widely available like the Black and White versions.

Man Wearing White Bike Jockstrap

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If you are interested in joining a group of other jockstrap lovers and enthusiasts, visit the AllKink.com Jockstrap Locker Room.  This web site includes numerous member photos that guys upload of themselves wearing jock straps.  They also offer text, audio and video chat for those wishing to discuss jocks.
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